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Our technology

The gSynth® platform consists of four core pillars of innovation. Together they address the challenges of accuracy, length, scale, and speed; bringing a complete solution to the production of synthetic DNA.

Any sequence, any length, any complexity.



Camena Bio
Proprietary enzyme mix

enzyme mix

Uniquely optimised enzymes for de novo DNA synthesis and gene assembly.



A highly pure class of reagent building blocks, that supports accurate DNA synthesis.


Bioinformatics platform

Cimban™ design algorithm that designs a gene path de novo.

Green chemistry


Green synthesis reagent production.

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A new era of DNA synthesis: next-level innovation

The ability to read, write, and edit DNA is at the heart of the bioengineering biology value chain.

Yet researchers are constrained by existing synthesis technologies, both chemical and enzymatic. Those technologies can be error-prone and have limited ability to produce the DNA sequences you need.

gSynth® has turned that on its head.

  • "Our partnership with Camena Bioscience has been outrageously successful."

How it works

Precise de novo

Precise de novo synthesis

A plate of generic gSynth reagents are pipetted into wells of a 384 well plate.  After pipetting each well contains a specific mixture of gSynth reagents.

Addamers decapped
and payloads extended


A proprietary mix of enzymes de-caps Addamers and extends their payloads performing de novo synthesis of DNA sequences. 

Algorithmic assembly
of long DNA molecules

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Addamers are combined to form longer DNA molecules.  Rapid synthesis producing multi-kb per day. 


The gSynth advantage

  • Universal reagent starting set, compatible with common liquid handlers
  • De novo synthesis of DNA produces any payload
  • A combinatorial and parallel gene assembly approach that accurately and rapidly produces complex DNA sequences  
  • Proprietary design algorithm based on geometric principles and bioinformatics software that can be integrated into existing workflows
  • Produces readily clonable double-stranded DNA 
  • Sequence and supply-chain security
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