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We are DNA designers at the forefront of DNA synthesis technology.  Our goal is to enable development of the next-generation of therapeutics and synthetic biology applications.

Our innovate within philosophy provides internal cores a platform-agnostic toolkit for the design and production of DNA. 



Camena Bio


The gSynth platform can be utilized across a diverse set of applications allowing partners to accelerate the path to drug discovery; from model development and protein engineering, to existing and emerging therapeutic areas. 


Licensing and strategic partnerships

The gSynth platform includes a portfolio of technologies wholly owned and developed by Camena, offering full freedom to operate for licensees.

Contact us to explore partnership opportunities and collaboration models that meet shared goals.

Together we can drive innovation.

From initiation to operational



Step 1

Single service agreement for the production of an initial set of sequences. The data pack will demonstrate gSynth's enablement of your process.



Step 2

Field of use, enabling a broad range of applications and therapeutics. Access to greenSynth reagents and Cimban™, our design algorithm. 



Step 3

Dedicated team supporting transfer to production and on-site integration to existing workflow. Gives you access to cutting edge DNA synthesis technology.