Working at Camena Bioscience you’ll be part of a dynamic company, creating breakthrough synthetic biology technology. We have shared values that shape Camena Bioscience. 

Our shared values:

A culture that creates transformative technology

  • We have an inclusive structure 
  • We make open, transparent, practical decisions that are data driven
  • We employ highly skilled people and advisors to hear their opinions
  • We value honesty

Investing in our employees 

  • We embrace the diversity of our employees and their opinions 
  • We support the career path that our employees choose
  • We make time to support and mentor our colleagues
  • We trust our employees to strive for excellence

Freedom to shape our future

  • We are accountable for our success 
  • We must have control to choose our direction
  • We need profits to have a robust, sustainable company
  • We develop our technology for and with our customers

If you want to be part of a forward thinking company where you can develop your skills and be part of an innovative and inclusive team, contact us now.