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Camena Bioscience appoints Dr Nicola Thompson as Chair of the Board

Camena Bioscience appoints Dr Nicola Thompson as Chair of the Board
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Following its $10 million Series A financing1 earlier in the year, the appointment forms part of the Company’s growth plans to expand commercialisation of its pioneering DNA synthesis platform, gSynth™.

Nicola is an industry leader, with experience developing and commercialising innovative technologies and therapeutic modalities. She was the founding CEO of Amphista Therapeutics, successfully steering the company through a $7.5 million Series A, a $53 million Series B and established partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies with a combined deal value of more than $2 billion. Prior to Amphista, she was Chair of the Board at Nanna Therapeutics, playing a key role in corporate development and its successful acquisition by Astellas. Nicola also held senior leadership roles at Roche, where she built and led pRED’s external drug discovery organisation, and in business development at GSK. Nicola received a PhD in Cell Biology from University College London. 

Dr Steve Harvey, CEO, Camena Bioscience commented:

"Nicola is a successful CEO and Chair and a fantastic addition to the Board. Camena Bioscience enables researchers to "write" DNA with the same confidence and ease with which we can "read" DNA. Our highly accurate DNA synthesis technology, called gSynth™, provides access to gene sequences that scientists previously could not obtain. This accelerates our customers' discovery timelines and allows them to produce potentially new therapeutics they previously couldn't. With Pharma's increased focus and collective commitment to decarbonising health systems, Camena is leading the way with a green synthesis technology focused on reducing waste associated with traditional DNA synthesis methods. Our proposition is disrupting the existing DNA synthesis market."

Dr Nicola Thompson, Chair of the Board, Camena Bioscience, added:

“I am delighted to join the Company as its Chair at this pivotal stage of growth. The leadership team are recognised pioneers in the field and the existing Board has an impressive array of investment and entrepreneurial experience, which will collectively support Camena on their scale-up journey.  Camena has a uniquely differentiated technology to address the limitations of traditional DNA synthesis approaches and I'm looking forward to working with the team, executing on Camena's mission to build the leading DNA synthesis company."

1. Press release (3rd July, 2023): Camena Bioscience close $10m Series A financing as demand for DNA synthesis technology increases

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About Camena Bioscience

Camena Bioscience is a synthetic biology company with novel DNA synthesis technology. Built on nearly eight years of innovation and with deep insight to the challenges faced in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, their pioneering platform gSynth™ is rewriting the possibilities of DNA synthesis.

gSynthTM is a wholly novel multi-enzymatic DNA synthesis technology which overcomes the limitations of traditional methods of generating genes, namely accuracy, time and therefore cost. Over 300 bp gSynth™ produces DNA to ~90% accuracy, whereas the existing phosphoramidite DNA synthesis technology is just ~30% accurate and generates significant organic solvent waste. Camena offers an unmatched solution to gene production that simplifies complex supply-chains and minimises environmental impact.

Camena Bioscience is headquartered in Cambridge, UK.

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