Founded in 2016, Camena Bioscience is a synthetic biology company that was born out of ideas from Cambridge and Pasadena.  Camena’s CEO and co-founder is Steve Harvey, a leader in genomics research, and the CSO and co-founder is Derek Stemple, a world-renowned molecular biologist and previously a co-founder of TwistDX which was acquired by Alere (now a part of Abbott)

A new future of DNA synthesis

The invention of next-generation DNA sequencing technologies transformed our ability to read  DNA.  Our goal is to enable researchers to write DNA with the same confidence and ease. 

We’ve engineered new nucleic acid synthesis technology, which improves the quality and speed of synthesis. Our multi-enzymatic technology offers increased accuracy over existing phosphoramidite synthesis methods and unlocks access to complex gene sequences.  We aim to use our tools to enable the engineering of new synthetic biology applications.