Julian Burke appointed chair of Camena Bioscience’s board

30 March 2021

Leading life science executive Julian Burke joins Camena's board.

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Chesterford Research Park expansion

22 February 2021

We're expanding to build a high throughput DNA synthesis facility at Chesterford Research Park.

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Enzymatic DNA synthesis enters new phase

5 October 2020

Camena Bioscience's breakthrough enzymatic DNA synthesis technology featured in Nature Biotechnology.

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Camena Bioscience uses gSynth™ to synthesise a 2.7kb plasmid

5th February 2020

Synthetic biology company, Camena Bioscience, announces the achievement of another significant DNA synthesis technology milestone. Using gSynth, a novel multi-enzymatic de novo DNA synthesis and gene assembly technology, Camena Bioscience has produced a whole plasmid of 2.7kb.

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Camena Bioscience’s breakthrough in the accuracy of synthetic DNA production

  • 23 October 2019

Synthetic biology company, Camena Bioscience, announces a significant breakthrough in DNA synthesis accuracy with the development of an innovative technology called gSynth™. With this pioneering enzymatic de novo synthesis and gene assembly method, gSynth is able to produce 300 nucleotide DNA molecules with an accuracy as high as 90%.

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Find out more about gSynthTM and how it can enable new synthetic biology applications

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Synthetic biology is changing the world

  • 4 March 2019

Camena Bioscience CEO, Steve Harvey, discusses synthetic biology tools and the importance of being able to produce synthetic DNA and RNA molecules.

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