Imagine a world where you can get your blood tests back in seconds; where water quality can be checked before it is drunk; where you can check if your elderly relative has taken their medication.

Or imagine a world where a business could check on the spot if food processing is at the correct quality, monitor yeast quality during brewing, or gauge the impact of drug tests by monitoring patients in their own home.

Camena is working towards enabling this world.

The key to turning this into a reality is being able to easily and quickly test for small molecules. The analysis of small molecules is central to the practice of medicine; human fluids contain over 4000 known small molecules. One example is glucose, a well-known small molecule that is often monitored by diabetics. Human fluids contain a complex mixture of small molecules that come from the food we eat and process, the medicines we take and from our environment. These small molecules can be used to directly quantify how our environment interacts with our genomes.

Currently the state-of-the-art approach to analysing small molecules is mass spectrometry. This is a very detailed and powerful approach, which provides a large amount of detail. But it comes at a cost.  The equipment is very expensive and large meaning it can only be housed in specialist labs and it is certainly not suitable for home use or onsite on a food production floor. It is also a slow method of analysis that requires a high level of expertise to interpret the results. At the other end of the monitoring scale are devices such as glucose monitors or lateral flow strips, such as a pregnancy stick. They can test for one small molecule quickly in a cost effective way, but they can only test one small molecule at a time.

At Camena Bioscience we have been developing technology that can detect hundreds, if not thousands, of small molecules in a liquid all at the same time, in small handheld devices. This enabling technology will increase our ability to understand biology and will be applied in different ways. This technology allows critical decisions to be made about our food production; medicine development and manufacturing or monitoring our personal health.

Camena is pioneering the technology that will turn this into a reality. But these benefits will only achieve the worldwide impact Camena envisage by us working with partners across the wide range of markets that can benefit from this quick, efficient, technology.  Together with partners, we will enable people globally to monitor their health, food and environment when and wherever they need to. 

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