What is the problem?

The production of nucleic acid molecules (DNA and RNA) is central to a variety of research, development and commercial applications. To achieve reliable results these areas of synthetic biology depend on specialist companies to accurately manufacture DNA and RNA molecules. Unfortunately, the current DNA and RNA synthesis methods have limitations that are holding back the development of synthetic biology applications. Since its automation in the ‘80s, phosphoramidite synthesis, which chemically adds individual nucleotides to a growing molecule, has been the go-to synthesis method. However, there are limitations with this method, especially with the accuracy of producing long DNA and RNA molecules. Consequently, these problems are holding back the development of new synthetic biology applications. 

What is different about Camena Bioscience’s synthesis technology?

Camena Bioscience has harnessed the power of enzymes to solve these nucleic acid synthesis problems. Our multi-enzymatic approach has improved the accuracy and speed of producing long DNA, RNA and even XNA molecules. Our approach opens a much wider range of synthetic biology applications. Look out for upcoming announcements on how we are unlocking new possibilities.

What happens next?

Many companies and researchers need a reliable and accurate source of DNA and RNA for a host of different applications. Here at Camena Bioscience, we are using the accuracy of our synthesis technology to develop new synthetic biology applications - including our next-generation metabolomics platform - that are precise, consistent and efficient.

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